The Flamingo Community

A Safe Space for LGBTQIA+ comrades upon the Light Data Centre

Flamingo is a social community, based on the Light Centre with our FC on Lich, we're a warm and welcoming community of FFXIV players. We have been running our own events and venues and have since moved on to aiming to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people on Light.

We have been described as a location where people can be themselves without judgement and can feel safe as who they are.

In addition to our own venues and community which we provide as a safe space, we aim to partner and create a list of Venues that we've vetted as safe locations where people can go. To not be judged, or to have a negative experience for who they are.

Our aim is to always maintain positivity and a wholesome location. Somewhere welcoming for everyone in Eorzea.

Partner Events

Venues that have been specifically curated for LGBTQIA+ people or have a proven track record as being locations that are safe for members of our community.
RP venues, nightclubs, and anything else, we'll have made sure that they're a safe location. If you experience issues at any of them, please let us know.


As a community we have a set of express rules that we have listed on our Discord. However here we'll list our values.

What we believe in, and how we hope to conduct ourselves and that we believe to be the right way to carry ourselves and for those who associate with ourselves. Not strict rules, but shared values.

Our Events

Managing and running our own events at the Club Flamingo and Cafe Flamingo.

We strive to uphold a level of professionalism provide a good experience for all who enter into our venues. Whilst ensuring that everyone feels safe.


Our teams' main goal is to ensure that everything maintains the high quality that we promise it should have. They assist in moderation of the community. As well as planning events and their smooth running.

We're always happy to help with any issues via our Discord.

Event Calendar

So, you can always immediately see availability on a certain day, that we've been to and verified as being a safe for LGBTQIA+ venue, we have a calendar here. Although it's not a complete list of every venue that is safe, it's the ones we work with to ensure they hold to our standard.

Apply for Partnership

We partner with FCs, Content Creators, other communities and venues.

Anywhere the helps in our goal of providing safe places for everyone on Eorzea is welcome to help by joining our partner program where we'll aim to support your goals.

Fint Willow

Owner of Club Flamingo

I came into the FFXIV community with a hope to find a home that felt like somewhere that I could feel safe as a trans person. I've experienced discrimination and transphobia from people, as well as homophobia from running a gay nightclub. On account of this and not finding a dedicated safe space I've started this project with my friends. With the aim to create the one thing I'd been looking for since joining Eorzea.

Iliete Godriquelain

Owner of Cafe Flamingo

As bar manager I can be very social and see all the new faces coming into The Flamingo, and that's exactly my favorite thing about FFXIV.
I'm a non binary lesbian, and love to meet new members of the FFXIV LGBT+ community. Hopefully as bartender I can make everyone feel just a little bit more welcome.

Kayla Thelbourne

Owner of Raiders Rest

I am a complete outsider to the LGBT community, but I don't let that constrain me in my search for new people to have meaningful relationships with. For this reason I have entered the Flamingo, and have ended up putting my skills at the service of the community.

As soon as you step foot into the domain I keep watch over, you’ll be under the protection of my staff and myself. If you keep any drama outside of the community, then we will do our best to protect you from everything we can.

Elucia Fhey

Owner of Exile

As Head of Community Relations it is my duty to ensure that all Partners are fairly represented within the community. To aid in disputes and complaints and to ensure the procedures are followed correctly when applying to join us as a partner!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me either ingame or on discord. I am always willing and happy to chat and listen to anyone. I pride myself on my kindness, honesty and caring nature. If I am slow to respond it is most likely due to me being at work. I am also a carer in the real world as my chosen career!

Moana Pardylle

Owner of Pink

Hi! I spend much of my time scheduling Flamingo's DJ's and planning out our theme nights. As a child of the 80's I'm constantly ensuring that we provide an authentic 80's experience at the Flamingo.

I've been DJing for almost 25 years IRL. I have proudly partied in LGBT+ communities since I was a teen, even before realizing I was a member of the community myself. It's a community I love and want to do my best to support.

Koda Pop

Head of Social Media

The Flamingo was my first venue and I felt at home instantly. Being trans and pansexual I was unsure about even joining a game like FF, not idea what the community would be like but I can honestly say I’ve never felt more welcomed. Being the Head of Social Media means I can help let others know such a haven exists


Hi! I'm one of the founders of the Flamingo. While I retracted myself from most active business in it's regard, I'm proud of the team making it the place it is today. I still help out with some things in the background as part of the council - because I still care about the Flamingo, about the people who visit having a good time, and about the friends that create this awesome experience.

Singing Mad

As head of entertainers Its my job to make sure the night runs smoothly and makes sure everyone has a great night. I make sure all of the royals are doing their best and giving our patreons the best experience that their can give.

If you need any information about our services or royals or even about applying for a job than don't be afraid and come ask me.

Values of our Community

Our hope is that our community will continue to attract people with similar values and hopes as ourselves. As a result we list them here thus that people can see them and understand what we hold important.


We're a group who are respectful to others, even if we may not agree or see eye to eye with someone. It is our differences that make us strong and we're always respectful of those.


We make no friends with cruelty, and value kindness as a trait that will assist us in continuing to foster true and genuine friendships within our community.


We strive to continue to be better people, and help those around us when they need it. So that we can continue to become the best we can be as people and a community.


We don't attempt to cause problems, or bring conflicts into the community. But instead aim to find solutions and restore a state of serenity.


We hold a lot of respect for the word Stop, and will always stop when people request it, or seem to be upset at any point.


We are authentic to ourselves. Never afraid to let the world know what we stand for, and share our courage, glory and reality with the world.


We aim to treat all other people and living things with compassion. Without any intent to cause harm or malice against any others.

Silver Valkyrie Events

Born in the days when Light was still a part of Chaos, Silver Valkyrie is a warm and welcoming community of FFXIV players that's been running fun events since 2017. We aim to make roleplaying accessible to as many as possible through promoting SFW venues across Light DC, a dedicated team of mentors and wide variety of players who enjoy a vast range of roleplaying styles.

The Darkside

Darkside is Light datacenter's oldest Discord community all about finding, hosting and promoting mature events. Guests can peruse the many venues on offer to find their new favourite place and hosts can promote their venues to a wide audience. Putting a strong focus on coaching new budding hosts and teaching them all they need to know to run their very own independent events.

Exile (18+)

A heavy metal nightclub hidden away in the forests of the Black Shroud. Come by on a monday night and start your week listening to our very own Metal playlists created by our inhouse DJ and requests by you, our beloved patrons!

Light - Zodiark - Lav Beds - Ward 19 - Plot 16

Fortuna (18+)

Fortuna Club & Casino is an immersive RP venue bringing the darker side of Eorzea to Light. Offering Casino Games, Companion Services, VIP and High Roller options, there are many facets to enjoy. Throughout the night we will explore the continuing story of Fortuna, its Staff, and bring you the Patrons along for the ride. Even we don't know what will happen next.

Light - Lich - Goblet - Ward 19 - Plot 30

Serendipity (18+)

Tired after a long week? Or just looking to hangout and dance?
Just do both and come to Serendipity!
We are ready to deliver high quality music, with handpicked music for you to dance on, alone or along our dancers!

Light - Twin - Shirogane - Ward 4 - Plot 37

Night Mafia (18+)

Night Mafia is a place to do it all! Sit down for drinks that you can even gamble on ingredients for! We have dancers ready to entertain you, mixed music, and at times themed nights! Immerse yourself in a environment with great staff. Come hang out with us for a night to remember~ Our focus is to make our patrons feel safe and cared for!

Light - Odin - Shirogane - Ward 22 - Plot 31

Raider's Rest (SFW)

At the heart of the Goblet sits a quiet bathhouse, where you can enjoy a peaceful evening and unwind after your adventures.

Relax and socialise in a laid-back atmosphere, with hot baths and fresh drinks!

Come as you are, and enjoy your time there. Don't forget your swimsuit!

Light - Lich - Goblet - Ward 6 - Plot 19

Cafe Rozen (SFW)

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

A cozy maid cafe, with its very own charm. Here you will be served by wonderful maids, so do not hesitate and express your wishes.

We also offer a unique indoor garden, for rest and relaxation! The perfect place to carry out your date :heart:

It doesn't matter if you are a newbie to rp, a pro, or someone who doesn't do rp at all. Everyone is welcome here!

Light - Lich - Lav Beds - Ward 18 - Plot 22

Revelation (18+)

Revelation is a Nightclub based in the heart of the goblet.
Bringing the best trance music to a Sunday night.
Sit back and relax with a few beers and shots, party away on the dance floor, or enjoy the company of one of our lovely dancers. Whatever you desire, you are sure to find it a revelation.

Light - Zodiark - Goblet - Ward 12 - Plot 43

The Beat (18+)

The Beat is a union of people who enjoy the nightlife of Eorzea as much as you do! And as such we are here to give you the best party experience available!

Here at our venue you can book our lovely dancers for private sessions, meet new and awesome people on the dancefloor, have a lovely drink at the bar and listen to all different kinds of music. Since we are not a single genre club, our DJs will provide you with all styles of different music so be prepared to party to a whole variety of themed nights!
Light - Shiva - Mist - Ward 21 - Plot 44

Secret & Sin (18+)

We are the dark void of Gothic. Feel your body beat with our music stream. Let yourself drawn into a place where you can drop your mask and unleash your true self.

Light - Shiva - Mist - Ward 7 - Plot 34

Enigma (SFW)

Located beside the gorgeous seaside in the Mist, this Eurobeat-style club is an LGBTQ+ friendly space where one can come to unwind and enjoy good music and delicious cocktails, only the perfect way to spend the last night of the weekend. Tired of doing nothing on a Sunday? Then check out our exciting upcoming events on our Carrd!

Light - Twintania - Mist - W18 - P14

Community Partner Terms

Below we have listed a set of perks/benefits for working with ourselves that we will provide yourself with. In return, we have various expectations we place upon those partnered with ourselves.


Capacity to advertise on our Discord alongside our venues.

Information regarding your venue/community on our community site.

Access to advice, and assistance from Flamingo staff if your venue requires it and we have staff available.

Your venue listed on our calendar.


Your venue/community has a zero tolerance policy on OOC homophobia / transphobia / racism and similar.*

The above includes performances (DJing, music or other) that include derogatory slurs.

Attend to our advertising guidelines.

Promote Flamingo as your partner via your Discord / Website.

The above list of perks are provided in the case that we can see that your venue is a safe location for anyone visiting. Racism includes harassment or derogatory comments regarding ingame races. There's enough of that nonsense in the real world, no need for it in a virtual world.

Applications won't be accepted until one of our management can take some time at the venue to observe what is happening. We will also be checking on locations to ensure they're staying within the requirements to be a safe space.

We will do our best to assist and help grow those that are within our Partner program. Whether they're a community or a venue. To this end our promise is that you'll be able to post your venue promotions in the same channels we do. There is no preferential treatment, and you'll have the same opportunities to advertise that Flamingo uses for their own clubs.

Partners will need to manually share their own posts, so that they remain within the terms of our advertising guidelines. Additionally, that they're only pinging the appropriate roles.

If you think the terms for this are agreeable and feel that your venue is a safe location that we can inform people about. Please reach out to us by opening a ticket on our Discord server.

*During the process of RP, it can be part of a character for them to have negative views of other races in character. However, this shouldn't be used as an excuse to be toxic towards people playing those races OOC.

Club Flamingo

The Flamingo is a Music and Entertainment focused venue. Where our primary goal is to provide an authentic 80s gay club experience. Where noone will be judged and can lose themselves in the bright colours, loud music and incredible decoration. The venue has dedicated security, bar staff, live DJs, and trained entertainers who are all there to ensure everyone experiences a wonderful evening.

Cafe Flamingo

Cafe Flamingo is our SFW RP focused venue. Where our staff provide an experience that is welcoming. Wholesome and relaxing for a Sunday afternoon. Where people can go to get properly into character and have a more relaxing experience than they would receive at the Flamingo II. The staff at the Cafe are hand selected from our team to ensure the evening will always be a relaxing delight.